Crazy Clock 4

Crazy Clock 4

Crazy Clock 4
It's a clock with a lot of flashing lights.
Crazy Clock 4


Design Documents

Schematic Diagramschematic_JA13_cc4.pdf
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Power Requirement5V 4A
Dimensions200x200x50 mm

The clock automatically sets the time from GPS. Use the settings to set the UTC offset for your local time.

Time Lock Indication
The digital display punctuation indicates the GPS signal lock status.

No punctuationNo GPS signal
Flashing punctuationGPS signal but no time information
Solid punctuationGPS signal locked, time is correct

The 3 touch buttons (below the analog meters) control the settings. While in setting mode the date display shows the current setting number, the setting value, and a very brief description.

Left buttonSelects setting
Center buttonDecrease setting value
Right buttonIncrease setting value


F2utc-12 +14UTC offset to local time
F312240-112/24 hour display
F4binA0-1Binary clock mode
F5bin11-14Binary clock column 1 color
F6bin21-14Binary clock column 2 color
F7bin31-14Binary clock column 3 color
F8bin41-14Binary clock column 4 color
F9bin51-14Binary clock column 5 color
10rond0-1Circular clock mode
11rnd11-14Circular clock ring 1 color
12rnd21-14Circular clock ring 2 color
13rnd31-14Circular clock ring 3 color
14AnA0-2Analog meter mode
15AnA11-14Analog meter color

Build Pictures

Back panels removed
open back perspective     open back closeup

Binary Clock & Arduino Pro Mini Controller
open master

Analog Meter Clock
open meters

Round Clock
open round clock

7 Segment Digital Clock
open digital clock